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Virtual Morality: Morals, Ethics and New Media

Editor: Mark J. P. Wolf
Publisher: New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2003
Review Published: March 2007

 REVIEW 1: Steven A. Benko

Thank you Steven, for your thorough and thoughtful review. I must admit that your main criticism of the book, summed up in the last sentence of your review, is true. The chapters are "a loose collection"; looser than I would have liked. While the responses to the initial call for papers were wide-ranging in topic, the number of them received was small. This was around 2001, when the book was being put together, and less work was being done in this area. And the topic area was admittedly broad; perhaps I should have given it a bit sharper of a focus, though it probably would have resulted in not enough essays for a book. It still is not an area attracting a great deal of scholarship, so in this sense the book is a first step, and if it can generate some discussion leading to further steps, then it will have served its pupose. Thanks again!

Mark J. P. Wolf


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