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Virtual Worlds: Culture and Politics in the Age of Cybertechnology

Author: Pramod K. Nayar
Publisher: New Delhi: Sage, 2004
Review Published: April 2007

 REVIEW 1: Maura Conway

I agree that 'virtual worlds' in the book's title can be misleading, since virtual reality is not the focus of the book. The book was intended as a survey and a primer (a 'taster' as the reviewer aptly puts it) -- since a study of these aspects of contemporary technoculture was not available in India then -- not a critique. I do account for critique in many cases, for instance, the feminist take on cosmetic surgery (which, by the way, is categorized, not entirely inaccurately, under cyberculture because of its reliance upon computer modelling of physiognomies). The chapter on gender, with a smattering of the postcolonial, only shows what kind of critiques are possible.

As for the online version, it was not considered feasible at that time - not, at least from India.

Pramod K. Nayar


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