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Cyberville: Clicks, Culture and the Creation of an Online Town

Author: Stacy Horn
Publisher: New York: Warner Books, 1998
Review Published: October 1998

 REVIEW 1: Martin T. Willis

It's a great and thoughtful review. We have philosophical differences but I think the review is fair. I don't believe dangerous people are neutralized in cyberspace but there are a lot of people who are divided on this issue. Also, I think Willis misunderstood my point about the visitor from The WELL. I agree with him. Echo, and places like it, (like The WELL) do "...show that there is a certain claustrophobia and insularity in the online town."

The guy I was talking about wasn't merely criticizing us -- I'm the first to say there are things about us that suck. He was displaying that very 'us vs them' aspect to small town pride that I discuss in the book and that Martin brings up in his review. He didn't merely say he preferred The WELL, or that we are inferior, but that we weren't as human and that our feelings weren't genuine. (And I didn't say it was because he was Californian because he's not from California.)

But he's right when he points out that my sensitivity to the comments in the first place is another perfect example of the very thing I am talking about!

Stacy Horn

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