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Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture

Editor: Michael D. Ayers
Publisher: New York: Peter Lang, 2006
Review Published: March 2008

 REVIEW 1: Lori Landay
 REVIEW 2: Shintaro Miyazaki
 REVIEW 3: Marc W.D. Tyrrell
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Michael D. Ayers

When I first had the idea for Cybersounds, I wanted to end up with a book that did a few things. But most notably, I wanted the book to be well written, and I encouraged the authors to get outside "academic" tones if they wanted to. I assumed that music and Internet technologies had a lot of interest outside of academia, so I was hoping that making the work more "user friendly" would lend itself to people that maybe had the power to do something about the way this art form was approached.

That probably didn't happen.

Obviously, since 2004/2005 when these were written, much has changed within these fields. Like a lot of books on cyberculture, even a few years will show exclusionary wear and tear. Myspace, Imeem, the pay what you want model. Sampling wars. These are a few examples of what could probably be a massive list of research that would be perfect for a continuation (Cybersounds 2, anyone?).

That said, I appreciate the reviews and the reviewers who took time to lay their thoughts out. I agree that down the line, a convergence of media theory and music would be a nice approach, and having a chapter within that framework might have rounded this collection out. Such is the nature of the submissions one receives.

Hopefully as time keeps on ticking, this initial collection will serve as a nice springboard and/or snapshot of where ideas were regarding music and cyberculture when these ideas were really starting to blossom and gain some momentum.

Michael D. Ayers


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