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Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes

Editor: Roy Christopher
Publisher: Well-Red Bear, 2007
Review Published: September 2008

 REVIEW 1: Ellis Godard
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Roy Christopher

First of all, I'd like to thank Ellis Godard for his in-depth and insightful review. Second, many thanks go to David Silver for including Follow for Now in the first place. I am honored to have this project receive such focused attention and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to respond.

The fluidity of Follow for Now's organizational scheme is not to be understated, but cohesion was only one of its goals. The other, and the reason I insisted on including an index, was findability. Given the scattered nature of the content of a collection of interviews, I aimed to give the reader the ability to cross reference any particular piece of information in the book.

Godard's mention of the recurring theme of the role of the individual in Follow for Now is important to note. Where some might miss the loosely defined but evident (to me, at least) overall thematic cohesion of the book, I think Godard "gets" it. The individual or the individual mind might not necessarily be the core of this cohesion, but those are certainly worthy candidates. The book is self-published after all, and is thereby a decidedly D.I.Y. affair. The subtitle, which states that these are interviews "with Friends and Heroes," extends to its making as well. This book is very much the product of the efforts of my friends and heroes -- in content and construction.

In spite of its erudition and insight, there are a couple of minor factual errors in Godard's consideration of my book. First of all, he's given me way too much credit, as I didn't do the best interviews in the anthology. More specifically, he gives me credit for the Bruce Sterling interview, which my friend Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) actually conducted. Also, the cover design was done by other good friends Patrick David Barber and Holly McGuire of Mcguire/Barber Design. (My sister, Cynthia D. Hutto, whom Godard gives credit for the cover, took the goofy picture of me on the back).

In the end, Follow for Now really is just a collection of interviews, but Godard's review illustrates that my attempts at organization and cohesion weren't all for nought, and after watching this project go -- backwards through the technological advances that form much of the subject matter of its interviews -- from website to book, I appreciate that. Here's hoping that others find, as Godard so kindly puts it, "the content is as intense as the cast."

Roy Christopher


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