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The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory

Editor: Andrew Herman, Thomas Swiss
Publisher: New York & London, UK: Routledge, 2000
Review Published: September 2001

 REVIEW 1: Barbara Warnick
 REVIEW 2: Jonathan J. Lillie

I'm very grateful to Barbara Warnick and Jonathan Lillie for their thoughtful reviews of the book I co-edited with Andrew Herman.

As both Warnick and Lillie point out, the book is intended as a kind of first probing -- Herman and I were, like many academics, just past the point of Web-euphoria when we began the book in 1998. Yet while we wanted to investigate -- on our own and in the company of the book's wise contributors -- the ways language and power worked under the sign of the Web, we did not want to give up on the Web's "magic" -- this "magic," after all, is what drew many of us to the technology of the internet in the first place.

Warnick and Lillie make their own fair critiques of our book. We're pleased they did. More: we mostly agree with them.

Thom Swiss

Thom Swiss

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