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The Internet Upheaval: Raising Questions, Seeking Answers in Communications Policy

Editor: Ingo Vogelsang, Benjamin M. Compaine
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000
Review Published: February 2002

 REVIEW 1: Chrys Egan
 REVIEW 2: Pat Gannon-Leary
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Ingo Vogelsang

Many thanks for exposing our book to such a wide audience. I am pleased with the thorough and knowledgeable reviews and have little to add to Ben's comments.

Just like Ben, I believe in choice and specialization as legitimate factors in putting together books. Thus, I would not regret the emphasis on economic and US specific issues that "The Internet Upheaval" expresses. Nevertheless, the reviewers have a valid point here. It is that economic reasoning and US problems have something to say for the rest of the community. This is not always conveyed in the papers included in the volume. As editors, we could probably have done a better job in bringing out these connections. Thus, for example, it is not that the US tax issues are not of importance to other countries. Taxing Internet commerce or not is a global problem. Thus, either should we have induced the authors to make these connections or we should have made them (or more of them) in our introduction.

This is definitely a lesson I will try to learn for my next book. For the current one, the readers will have to live up to the challenge.

Thanks again,

Ingo Vogelsang

Ingo Vogelsang


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