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Gender & Community in the Social Construction of the Internet

Author: Leslie Regan Shade
Publisher: New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2002
Review Published: July 2002

 REVIEW 1: Tara Kachgal
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Leslie Regan Shade

I'd like to thank Tara Kachgal for her thoughtful review of my book. She's right -- there's so much more that can be researched and written about gender and the Internet, as well as gender and communication technologies. I like to think of my book as -- what she states -- a primer, and hope that the critical work of other scholars will soon overflow scholarly journals and booklists. I'm indebted to many fine scholars who were pioneers in putting gender at the forefront of communication studies -- Lana Rakow and Cheris Kramarae for starters, and am also excited by the recent work of Lori Kendall, Mia Consalvo, Mary Flanagan, Theresa Senft, and Lisa Nakamura (to name just a few who pop into my head), who are looking both creatively and critically at the intersection of gender, race, class, and culture in Internet studies. And of course there are emerging scholars (like Tara!) whose work is presented at diverse conferences, whom I'm sure we'll hear a lot about in the near future.


Leslie Regan Shade

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