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Unspun: Key Concepts for Understanding the World Wide Web

Editor: Thomas Swiss
Publisher: New York: NYU Press, 2000
Review Published: September 2002

 REVIEW 1: Kate O'Riordan

Kate O'Riordan's thoughtful review of UNSPUN reminds me of how, at the time I was putting together this volume, I struggled with which key terms to include. Indeed, "globalization" was one of the terms I wanted to bring into the book, but the author of the chapter bowed out at the last moment. O'Riordan is right: the term/concept should be there.

She is right, too, about repetitions -- for better or worse, I was hoping for a deepening of the reader's understanding or complicating of the reader's perspective as contributor's circled around certain ideas/concepts/passages: a kind of "profound redundancy." There are glimpses of this -- I think Ms. O'Riordan agrees -- in the book. Perhaps there should be more.

I'm grateful for Kate O'Riordan's comments, for her largely favorable take on the book, and for her critiques. Like her, I continue to believe this is a good introduction to thinking about the web -- through the terms and concepts we have inherited both through cultural studies and because of the specific technology of the web.


Thom Swiss

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