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Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity

Editor: Eileen Green, Alison Adam
Publisher: London, UK: Routledge, 2001
Review Published: February 2003

 REVIEW 1: Monica Whitty
 REVIEW 2: Andrew Dalton

We are delighted that our edited collection has been chosen as book of the month by RCCS. It is especially pleasing that the two reviewers enjoyed the varying perspectives and interdisciplinarity of the collection since we believe it to be a major strength of the book. Being accessible for 'all types of cybercultural theory' is exactly what we were aiming for, since we felt that a critical gender perspective was missing from most work in that field.

We are intrigued that one of the reviewers implies that focusing upon 'women more than men' and drawing upon feminist theory is perhaps to present a one-sided view. Given that most apparently neutral research favours the male perspective, in order to make gender issues visible we need to add in the women to reveal the underlying gender dimensions. We would agree that gender is a multi faceted process. It also has dimensions of structural inequality which are continually reproduced albeit in different and contemporary forms.

Eileen Green


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