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The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach

Author: Daniel Miller, Don Slater
Publisher: Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers, 2001
Review Published: February 2005

 REVIEW 1: Maria Rosales-Sequeiros

First I would just like to thank Maria Rosales-Sequeiros for her kind review. I have nothing at all to add, since it seems a very fair account of what we did. Instead, since we carried out this reseach in 1999, I am using this space for an update. Currently Don Slater, myself and two colleagues are just finishing a year's fieldwork looking at the impact of ICTs in Jamaica (me), Ghana (Don), South Africa (Andrew Skuse), and India (Jo Tacchi), which we will now be writing up. As part of that, I am working with Heather Horst on a book on the use of cell phones in Jamaica. In addition I have three Ph.D. students currently doing internet studies: Marjorie Murray on computers as extentsions of the body in Spain, Ivana Bajic on connections between Serbians in Serbia and as refugees in London, and Florian Schlichting on the development of the internet in China. So anyone interested in any of this ethnographic stuff, by all means contact any of them through the website of University College London.

Our own four country comparison is concentrating on the impact of ICTs on poverty and development and is inteded to be more applied than the previous project in Trinidad but it is still based on academic ethnography.

Daniel Miller


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