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The Video Game Theory Reader

Editor: Mark J. P. Wolf, Bernard Perron
Publisher: New York: Routledge, 2003
Review Published: March 2006

 REVIEW 1: Jason Rhody
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Bernard Perron

Thank you, Jason, for reviewing the book. It is an early book in the field, and I agree that it is one that shows the variety of approaches, which have yet to come together into a single discipline (and which may not, as in film studies!). Also, it wasn't intended as a primer for the very same reasons; I think the field would have to develop more before something like that could be usefully introduced, though something like that will be needed. (Also, you mention the topic of genre throughout your review; this was something I had already looked at in my earlier book on video games from UT Press, where I attempted to delineate a set of genres which were distinct and descriptive of the range of games in existence.) Thanks again for your review!

Mark J. P. Wolf


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