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Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet

Editor: Christine Hine
Publisher: Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers, 2005
Review Published: July 2006

 REVIEW 1: Susan Keith
 REVIEW 2: Nils Zurawski
 AUTHOR RESPONSE: Christine Hine

I am grateful to the reviewers for some very fair and perceptive comments. It was very enjoyable putting together this collection, which I am pleased to say brought together contributions from scholars across the academic hierarchy. So much of the important and innovative work in internet research is being carried out by graduate students, and it's nice to be able to recognise that fact.

Sadly, one of the contributors, Mário Guimarães Jr. was killed in an accident very shortly after publication of the book. He is much missed by family, friends, and colleagues.

Christine Hine


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