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Between July 1997 and December 2009, RCCS published free, full-length reviews of books about contemporary media and culture. On December 1, 2009, RCCS retired. The reviews will remain online, here, as a free and publicly accessible archive.

December 2009

Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary
Author:  N. Katherine Hayles
Publisher:  University of Notre Dame Press, 2008

  Review 1: Pramod K. Nayar
  Review 2: Luis Amate Perez
  Author Response:  N. Katherine Hayles

Global Capital, Local Culture: Transnational Media Corporations in China
Author:  Anthony Y.H. Fung
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2008

  Review 1: Hanna Cho
  Author Response:  Anthony Y.H. Fung

Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic Imagination
Author:  Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2008

  Review 1: Viola Lasmana
  Review 2: Jentery Sayers
  Author Response:  Matthew Kirschenbaum

Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet
Author:  Christine L. Borgman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Denise N. Rall

Signs of Life: Bio Art and Beyond
Editor:  Eduardo Kac
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Yazan Haddad

Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools
Editor:  Byron Hawek, David M. Rieder, Ollie Oviedo
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2008

  Review 1: Brenda Berkelaar

Technology in a Multicultural and Global Society
Editor:  May Thorseth, Charles Ess
Publisher:  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2005

  Review 1: Delia D. Dumitrica
  Author Response:  Charles Ess and May Thorseth

Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
Author:  Christopher M. Kelty
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2008

  Review 1: Tim Jordan

November 2009

Ambivalence Towards Convergence: Digitalisation and Media Change
Editor:  Tanja Storsul, Dagny Stuedahl
Publisher:  Nordicom, 2007

  Review 1: Fiona Martin

Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage
Author:  Axel Bruns
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2008

  Review 1: Verena Laschinger
  Review 2: Alan Razee
  Review 3: Erin Stark
  Author Response:  Axel Bruns

Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times
Editor:  Megan Boler
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2008

  Review 1: J. Patrick Biddix
  Review 2: Mary K. Bryson
  Author Response:  Megan Boler

Displacing Place: Mobile Communication in the Twenty-First Century
Editor:  Sharon Kleinman
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Kevin Douglas Kuswa
  Review 2: Katheryn Wright
  Author Response:  Sharon Kleinman

Literatures in the Digital Era: Theory and Praxis
Editor:  Amelia Sanz, Dolores Romero
Publisher:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007

  Review 1: Sara Humphreys

Making Digital Cultures: Access, Interactivity and Authenticity
Author:  Martin Hand
Publisher:  Ashgate, 2008

  Review 1: Jen Ross
  Author Response:  Martin Hand

Making Silicon Valley: Innovation and the Growth of High Tech, 1930-1970
Author:  Christophe Lécuyer
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Judith Otto

Moving Cultures: Mobile Communications in Everyday Life
Author:  André H. Caron, Letizia Caronia
Publisher:  McGill-Queen's University Press, 2007

  Review 1: Erin Jonasson
  Author Response:  Letizia Caronia and André H. Caron

New Tech, New Ties: How Mobile Communication Is Reshaping Social Cohesion
Author:  Rich Ling
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2008

  Review 1: Kathrin Kissau

October 2009

20 Questions About Youth & the Media
Editor:  Sharon R. Mazzarella
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Molly Swiger

Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls: Feminism, Popular Culture and the Posthuman Body
Author:  Kim Toffoletti
Publisher:  I.B. Tauris, 2007

  Review 1: M. Beatrice Bittarello
  Review 2: Birgit Pretzsch
  Review 3: Nicholas Yanes
  Author Response:  Kim Toffoletti

Instant Identity: Adolescent Girls and the World of Instant Messaging
Author:  Shayla Thiel Stern
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Andrea J. Baker
  Author Response:  Shayla Thiel Stern

Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice
Editor:  Charlotte Hess, Elinor Ostrom
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Colette Wanless-Sobel
  Author Response:  Elinor Ostrom and Charlotte Hess

Queer Girls and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media
Author:  Susan Driver
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Lisa Justine Hernández
  Review 2: Alison Miller-Slade

September 2009

Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society, and Participation
Author:  Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, Ramona S. McNeal
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2008

  Review 1: Carlos Nunes Silva

Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader
Editor:  Hilde G Corneliussen, Jill Walker Rettberg
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2008

  Review 1: Shira Chess
  Review 2: Jordan Patrick Lieser
  Review 3: Christopher A. Paul
  Author Response:  Hilde G. Corneliussen and Jill Walker Rettberg

Ham Radio's Technical Culture
Author:  Kristen Haring
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Mark D. Johns
  Review 2: Amanda R. Keeler
  Author Response:  Kristen Haring

iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era
Author:  Mark Andrejevic
Publisher:  University Press of Kansas, 2007

  Review 1: Jacob Kramer-Duffield
  Review 2: W. Benjamin Myers
  Review 3: Hiesun Cecilia Suhr
  Review 4: A. Freya Thimsen
  Author Response:  Mark Andrejevic

Online Social Support: The Interplay of Social Networks and Computer-Mediated Communication
Author:  Antonina Bambina
Publisher:  Cambria Press, 2007

  Review 1: Willem de Koster
  Review 2: Fred Stutzman
  Author Response:  Antonina Bambina

Surviving the New Economy
Editor:  John Amman, Tris Carpenter, Gina Neff
Publisher:  Paradigm Publishers, 2007

  Review 1: Maria Rosales-Sequeiros
  Author Response:  John Amman, Tris Carpenter, and Gina Neff

Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse
Editor:  Fiona Cameron, Sarah Kenderdine
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Jennifer Way

August 2009

Playing the Past: History and Nostalgia in Video Games
Editor:  Zach Whalen, Laurie N. Taylor
Publisher:  Vanderbilt University Press, 2008

  Review 1: Carly A. Kocurek
  Author Response:  Zach Whalen

The Internet in the Arab World: Egypt and Beyond
Author:  Rasha A. Abdulla
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Antonio A. Garcia
  Review 2: Laurence Raw
  Review 3: Natasha Ritsma
  Author Response:  Rasha A. Abdulla

The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics
Editor:  Melanie Swalwell, Jason Wilson
Publisher:  McFarland, 2008

  Review 1: Dave Jones
  Review 2: Alex Meredith
  Author Response:  Melanie Swalwell

Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture
Author:  Geert Lovink
Publisher:  Routledge, 2008

  Review 1: Liz Ellcessor
  Review 2: Tricia M. Farwell
  Review 3: Madeline Yonker

July 2009

Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames
Author:  Mia Consalvo
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Bryan G. Behrenshausen
  Review 2: Tanner Higgin
  Review 3: Ray Vichot
  Author Response:  Mia Consalvo

Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet
Author:  Lisa Nakamura
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2007

  Review 1: Yuya Kiuchi
  Review 2: Nicholas Knouf
  Review 3: Koen Leurs
  Review 4: Andrea L. Volpe
  Author Response:  Lisa Nakamura

Evocative Objects: Things We Think With
Editor:  Sherry Turkle
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Chris Foster
  Review 2: Gloria Gannaway
  Review 3: Linda Levitt
  Review 4: Albin Wallace

June 2009

Digital Shock: Confronting the New Reality
Author:  Herve Fischer (Translated by Rhonda Mullins)
Publisher:  McGill-Queen's University Press, 2006

  Review 1: Jamie Switzer

Internet Inquiry: Conversations about Methods
Editor:  Annette N. Markham, Nancy K. Baym
Publisher:  Sage, 2008

  Review 1: Anne Beaulieu
  Review 2: Yana Breindl
  Review 3: Luca Tateo

Las Metáforas de Internet
Author:  Edgar Gómez Cruz
Publisher:  Editorial Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2007

  Review 1: María Lourdes De Panbehchi
  Review 2: Javier Gómez Murcia
  Author Response:  Edgar Gómez Cruz

May 2009

Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow
Editor:  Victoria Vesna
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2007

  Review 1: Elena Giulia Rossi

The Art of Free Cooperation
Editor:  Geert Lovink, Trebor Scholz
Publisher:  Autonomedia, 2007

  Review 1: Jason Del Gandio
  Review 2: Amanda Rotondo
  Review 3: Heath Row

April 2009

Dorsality: Thinking Back through Technology and Politics
Author:  David Wills
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2008

  Review 1: David Gruber
  Review 2: Matthew Holtmeier
  Review 3: Travis Vogan
  Author Response:  David Wills

Generation Digital: Politics, Commerce, and Childhood in the Age of the Internet
Author:  Kathryn C. Montgomery
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Tyler Bickford
  Review 2: Lisa Dusenberry
  Author Response:  Kathryn C. Montgomery

March 2009

Decoding Liberation: The Promise of Free and Open Source Software
Author:  Samir Chopra, Scott Dexter
Publisher:  Routledge, 2007

  Review 1: Brian W. Carver
  Review 2: Andrew Famiglietti
  Author Response:  Samir Chopra and Scott Dexter

Interactive Realism: The Poetics of Cyberspace
Author:  Daniel Downes
Publisher:  McGill-Queens University Press, 2005

  Review 1: Yara Mitsuishi
  Author Response:  Daniel Downes

February 2009

Double Click: Romance and Commitment Among Online Couples
Author:  Andrea J. Baker
Publisher:  Hampton Press, 2005

  Review 1: M. Carmen Gomez-Galisteo
  Author Response:  Andrea J. Baker

Living on Cybermind: Categories, Communications, and Control
Author:  Jonathan Paul Marshall
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2007

  Review 1: Alan Sondheim
  Author Response:  Jonathan Paul Marshall

December 2008

Playback: Simulierte Wirklichkeiten / Playback: Simulated Realities
Editor:  Sabine Himmelsbach
Publisher:  Kehrer Verlag, 2007

  Review 1: Claudia Costa Pederson

November 2008

Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles
Editor:  Bart Cammaerts, Nico Carpentier
Publisher:  Intellect, 2007

  Review 1: Arthur L. Morin

Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art
Editor:  Caroline A. Jones
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Kathleen O'Riordan
  Author Response:  Caroline Jones

October 2008

Gamer Theory
Author:  McKenzie Wark
Publisher:  Harvard University Press, 2007

  Review 1: Denisa Kera
  Review 2: Shawn Miklaucic

September 2008

At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet
Editor:  Annmarie Chandler, Norie Neumark
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Jennifer Way
  Author Response:  Annmarie Chandler
  Author Response:  Norie Neumark

Code: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
Editor:  Rishab Aiyer Ghosh
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Michel Bauwens

Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes
Editor:  Roy Christopher
Publisher:  Well-Red Bear, 2007

  Review 1: Ellis Godard
  Author Response:  Roy Christopher

August 2008

Everyday eBay: Culture, Collecting, and Desire
Editor:  Ken Hillis, Michael Petit, Nathan Scott Epley
Publisher:  Routledge, 2006

  Review 1: Leslie Madsen-Brooks
  Author Response:  Ken Hillis

The Exploit: A Theory of Networks
Author:  Alexander R. Galloway, Eugene Thacker
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2007

  Review 1: Daniel Gilfillan
  Review 2: Nathaniel Tkacz
  Author Response:  Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker

July 2008

Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses
Author:  Jussi Parikka
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2007

  Review 1: Joseph Nechvatal
  Author Response:  Jussi Parikka

Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace
Author:  Milton L. Mueller
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Pramod K. Nayar

Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism
Author:  Ian Bogost
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Terry Schenold
  Author Response:  Ian Bogost

June 2008

Disability and Contemporary Performance: Bodies on Edge
Author:  Petra Kuppers
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Adi Kuntsman
  Author Response:  Petra Kuppers

My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts
Author:  N. Katherine Hayles
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 2005

  Review 1: Michael Filas
  Author Response:  N. Katherine Hayles

Technically Together: Rethinking Community within Techno-Society
Author:  Michele A. Willson
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2006

  Review 1: Lisa Justine Hernández
  Review 2: Barbara Iverson
  Author Response:  Michele Willson

May 2008

Electronic Literature Collection (Volume 1)
Editor:  N. Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg, Stephanie Strickland
Publisher:  Electronic Literature Organization, 2006

  Review 1: Kimberly De Vries
  Author Response:  N. Katherine Hayles
  Author Response:  Scott Rettberg

Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production
Author:  Axel Bruns
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishers, 2005

  Review 1: J. Richards Stevens
  Author Response:  Axel Bruns

Wired Shut: Copyright and the Shape of Digital Culture
Author:  Tarleton Gillespie
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Benjamin J. Bates
  Review 2: Troy K. Schneider
  Author Response:  Tarleton Gillespie

April 2008

Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture
Author:  Lisa Gitelman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: J. Patrick Biddix
  Review 2: David Heineman
  Review 3: Michelle Rodino-Colocino
  Author Response:  Lisa Gitelman

Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide
Author:  Henry Jenkins
Publisher:  NYU Press, 2006

  Review 1: Susan Keith
  Review 2: Anne Kustritz
  Review 3: Darby Orcutt
  Review 4: J. Richard Stevens
  Author Response:  Henry Jenkins

Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder
Author:  David Weinberger
Publisher:  Times Books, 2007

  Review 1: Lucinda Austin
  Review 2: Geoffrey B. Cain
  Review 3: Erika Pearson
  Author Response:  David Weinberger

Online Matchmaking
Editor:  Monica T. Whitty, Andrea J. Baker, James A. Inman
Publisher:  Palgrave MacMillan, 2007

  Review 1: Trudy Barber
  Author Response:  Andrea J. Baker

March 2008

Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture
Editor:  Michael D. Ayers
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2006

  Review 1: Lori Landay
  Review 2: Shintaro Miyazaki
  Review 3: Marc W.D. Tyrrell
  Author Response:  Michael D. Ayers

Cyberspace Romance: The Psychology of Online Relationships
Author:  Monica Whitty, Adrian Carr
Publisher:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

  Review 1: Rhiannon Bury
  Review 2: Michele Hammers

Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet: New Essays
Editor:  Karen Hellekson, Kristina Busse
Publisher:  McFarland & Co., 2006

  Review 1: Lan Xuan Le
  Author Response:  Karen Hellekson & Kristina Busse

The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft
Author:  Anne Friedberg
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Christy Dena
  Author Response:  Anne Friedberg

February 2008

Control and Freedom: Power and Paranoia in the Age of Fiber Optics
Author:  Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Jentery Sayers
  Author Response:  Wendy Chun

From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism
Author:  Fred Turner
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 2006

  Review 1: Lonny J Avi Brooks
  Review 2: William Bryant
  Review 3: Merav Katz-Kimchi
  Review 4: Linda Levitt
  Review 5: Alan Razee
  Author Response:  Fred Turner

La Comunicazione del Terzo Settore nel Mezzogiorno
Author:  Stefano Martelli
Publisher:  Franco Angeli, 2006

  Review 1: Gaetano Gucciardo (Italiano)
  Review 2: Gaetano Gucciardo (English)

Organized Networks: Media Theory, Creative Labour, New Institutions
Author:  Ned Rossiter
Publisher:  NAi Publishers, 2006

  Review 1: Daren C. Brabham
  Author Response:  Ned Rossiter

Reformatting Politics: Information Technology and Global Civil Society
Editor:  Jodi Dean, Jon W. Anderson, Geert Lovink
Publisher:  Routledge, 2006

  Review 1: Athina Karatzogianni

The Internet Imaginaire
Author:  Patrice Flichy
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: M. Beatrice Bittarello
  Author Response:  Patrice Flichy

The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting
Author:  Darren Wershler-Henry
Publisher:  Cornell University Press, 2007

  Review 1: Adam Tourek
  Author Response:  Darren Wershler-Henry

The Politics of Cyberconflict
Author:  Athina Karatzogianni
Publisher:  Routledge, 2006

  Review 1: Andrew Robinson
  Author Response:  Athina Karatzogianni

Uses of Blogs
Editor:  Axel Bruns, Joanne Jacobs
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2006

  Review 1: Tricia Farwell
  Review 2: Tama Leaver
  Review 3: Damien Pfister
  Review 4: Daniel C. Smith
  Author Response:  Axel Bruns & Joanne Jacobs

January 2008

META/DATA: A Digital Poetics
Author:  Mark Amerika
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2007

  Review 1: Vika Zafrin
  Author Response:  Mark Amerika

The Body and the Screen: Theories of Internet Spectatorship
Author:  Michele White
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Jessica Brophy
  Review 2: Gabriel Jones
  Review 3: Adi Kuntsman
  Review 4: Kelly McWilliam
  Review 5: Alison Miller
  Author Response:  Michele White

Youth Online: Identity and Literacy in the Digital Age
Author:  Angela Thomas
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishers, 2007

  Review 1: Alison Harvey

December 2007

Color Monitors: The Black Face of Technology in America
Author:  Martin Kevorkian
Publisher:  Cornell University Press, 2006

  Review 1: Cristina Lopez
  Review 2: Paul Khalil Saucier
  Author Response:  Martin Kevorkian

Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement, and Interaction
Author:  James E. Katz, Ronald E. Rice
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Curtis Fogel
  Review 2: Mara Hobler
  Review 3: Åsa Rosenberg
  Author Response:  Ronald E. Rice and James E. Katz

The Metaphysics of Capital
Author:  Nicholas Ruiz III
Publisher:  Intertheory Press, 2006

  Review 1: David Christopher Jackson
  Review 2: Kevin Douglas Kuswa

Web Campaigning
Author:  Kirsten A. Foot, Steven M. Schneider
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Scott Dunn
  Review 2: Gerhard Fuchs
  Review 3: Lydia Perovic
  Author Response:  Kirsten Foot & Steven Schneider

November 2007

Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture
Author:  Ted Friedman
Publisher:  NYU Press, 2005

  Review 1: Suzanne Damarin

GameScenes: Art in the Age of Videogames
Editor:  Matteo Bittanti, Domenico Quaranta
Publisher:  Johan & Levi, 2006

  Review 1: Claudia Costa Pederson
  Author Response:  Domenico Quaranta

Mobile Communication and Society: A Global Perspective
Author:  Manuel Castells, Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Jack Linchuan Qiu, and Araba Sey
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Hill Taylor
  Author Response:  Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Jack Linchuan Qiu, and Araba Sey

Residual Media
Editor:  Charles R. Acland
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2007

  Review 1: Daniel Gilfillan
  Review 2: D. Travers Scott
  Author Response:  Charles R. Acland

October 2007

Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture
Author:  Alexander R. Galloway
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2006

  Review 1: Kelly Boudreau
  Review 2: Steven Conway
  Review 3: Ted Kafala
  Review 4: Randy Nichols
  Review 5: Timothy Welsh
  Author Response:  Alexander R. Galloway

Hanging Out in the Virtual Pub: Masculinities and Relationships Online
Author:  Lori Kendall
Publisher:  University of California Press, 2002

  Review 1: Ben Krueger
  Review 2: Molly Swiger
  Author Response:  Lori Kendall

The Anxiety of Obsolescence: The American Novel in the Age of Television
Author:  Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Publisher:  Vanderbilt University Press, 2006

  Review 1: M. Carmen Gomez-Galisteo
  Review 2: Pamela Kincheloe
  Review 3: Laurie N. Taylor
  Review 4: Lisa Weckerle
  Review 5: Sarah Whitehead
  Author Response:  Kathleen Fitzpatrick

September 2007

An Alternative Internet
Author:  Chris Atton
Publisher:  Edinburgh University Press, 2005

  Review 1: Paul Booth
  Author Response:  Chris Atton

Ars Electronica: Facing the Future: A Survey of Two Decades
Editor:  Timothy Druckery
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

  Review 1: Carolyn Kane

Information Please: Culture and Politics in the Age of Digital Machines
Author:  Mark Poster
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2006

  Review 1: Diana Bossio
  Author Response:  Mark Poster

April 2007

Techno Fashion
Author:  Bradley Quinn
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2002

  Review 1: Andrea Zeffiro

Virtual Worlds: Culture and Politics in the Age of Cybertechnology
Author:  Pramod K. Nayar
Publisher:  Sage, 2004

  Review 1: Maura Conway
  Author Response:  Pramod K. Nayar

March 2007

Connecting: How We Form Social Bonds and Communities in the Internet Age
Author:  Mary Chayko
Publisher:  State University of New York Press, 2002

  Review 1: Chrys Egan
  Author Response:  Mary Chayko

New Technologies at Work: People, Screens and Social Virtuality
Editor:  Christina Garsten, Helena Wulff
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2003

  Review 1: Petra Sonderegger

Saved from Oblivion: Documenting the Daily from Diaries to Web Cams
Author:  Andreas Kitzmann
Publisher:  Peter Lang, 2004

  Review 1: Timothy D. Ray
  Author Response:  Andreas Kitzmann

The Wired Homestead: A Sourcebook on the Internet and the Family
Editor:  Joseph Turow, Andrea Kavanaugh
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Carolyn Jabs

Towards a Sustainable Information Society: Deconstructing WSIS
Editor:  Jan Servaes, Nico Carpentier
Publisher:  Intellect Books, 2006

  Review 1: Arthur L. Morin
  Author Response:  Nico Carpentier

Virtual Morality: Morals, Ethics and New Media
Editor:  Mark J. P. Wolf
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2003

  Review 1: Steven A. Benko
  Author Response:  Mark J. P. Wolf

February 2007

Information Politics on the Web
Author:  Richard Rogers
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Adrienne Massanari

Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture
Author:  T. L. Taylor
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

  Review 1: Mark Chen
  Author Response:  T.L. Taylor

Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database
Author:  Lev Manovich, Andreas Kratky
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Tico Romao
  Author Response:  Lev Manovich

The Cinema Effect
Author:  Sean Cubitt
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Anxo Cereijo Roibás
  Author Response:  Sean Cubitt

January 2007

From 9/11 to Terror War: The Dangers of the Bush Legacy
Author:  Douglas Kellner
Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

  Review 1: Robert Tynes

Media Access: Social and Psychological Dimensions of New Technology Use
Editor:  Erik Bucy, John Newhagen
Publisher:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004

  Review 1: Cheryl Brown
  Author Response:  Erik Bucy and John Newhagen

Media Debates: Great Issues for the Digital Age
Editor:  Everett E. Dennis, John C. Merrill
Publisher:  Thomson Wadsworth, 2006

  Review 1: Tim Dwyer

No Safety in Numbers: How the Computer Quantified Everything and Made People Risk Aversive
Author:  Henry J. Perkinson
Publisher:  Hampton Press Inc, 1996

  Review 1: Robert Whitbred

December 2006

Allegories of Communication: Intermedial Concerns from Cinema to the Digital
Editor:  John Fullerton, Jan Olsson
Publisher:  John Libbey Publishing, 2004

  Review 1: Kristen Daly

Close Reading New Media: Analyzing Electronic Literature
Editor:  Jan Van Looy, Jan Baetens
Publisher:  Leuven University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Mary Leonard

Eloquent Images: Word and Image in the Age of New Media
Editor:  Mary E. Hocks, Michelle R. Kendrick
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Vika Zafrin
  Review 2: Alan Razee
  Author Response:  Mary Hocks

Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds
Author:  Jesper Juul
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Curt Carbonell
  Review 2: Randy Nichols
  Author Response:  Jesper Juul

How Images Think
Author:  Ron Burnett
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Leanne Stuart Pupchek
  Author Response:  Ron Burnett

Internet Politics: States, Citizens and New Communication Technologies
Author:  Andrew Chadwick
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, 2006

  Review 1: Viviane Serfaty
  Author Response:  Andrew Chadwick

Literate Lives in the Information Age: Narratives of Literacy from the United States
Author:  Cynthia L. Selfe, Gail E. Hawisher
Publisher:  Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004

  Review 1: Lisa A. Kirby
  Author Response:  Cynthia L. Selfe and Gail E. Hawisher

Mobile Cultures: New Media in Queer Asia
Editor:  Chris Berry, Fran Martin, Audrey Yue
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Terri He
  Author Response:  Chris Berry, Fran Martin, & Audrey Yue

My First Recession: Critical Internet Culture in Transition
Author:  Geert Lovink
Publisher:  V2/NAi Publishers, 2003

  Review 1: Michel Bauwens

Rhetorical Democracy: Discursive Practices of Civic Engagement
Editor:  Gerard Hauser, Amy Grim
Publisher:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004

  Review 1: David Schulz

The Deepening Divide: Inequality in the Information Society
Author:  Jan A. G. M. van Dijk
Publisher:  Sage, 2005

  Review 1: Alan Zaremba

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Author:  Thomas Foster
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2005

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  Review 2: Kim Toffoletti
  Author Response:  Thomas Foster

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction
Author:  Nick Montfort
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Russell Mills
  Review 2: T. Michael Roberts
  Author Response:  Nick Montfort

November 2006

Computer Mediated Communication: Social Interaction and the Internet
Author:  Crispin Thurlow, Laura Lengel, Alice Tomic
Publisher:  Sage, 2004

  Review 1: Antonina Bambina
  Review 2: Mark D. Johns
  Review 3: Michele Willson
  Review 4: Monica Whitty
  Review 5: Gerhard Fuchs

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  Review 2: Louise Woodstock
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Author:  Richard Holeton
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Author:  Edward Castranova
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The Mirror and the Veil: An Overview of American Online Diaries and Blogs
Author:  Viviane Serfaty
Publisher:  Rodopi, 2004

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  Review 2: Sarah Michele Ford
  Review 3: Natalie Bennett
  Review 4: Tama Leaver
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Understanding Me: Lectures and Interviews
Editor:  Marshall McLuhan, Stephanie McLuhan, David Staines
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October 2006

Communication Researchers and Policy-Making
Editor:  Sandra Braman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

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  Author Response:  Sandra Braman

Material Virtualities: Approaching Online Textual Embodiment
Author:  Jenny Sundén
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2003

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Star Trek: Technologies of Disappearance
Author:  Alan N. Shapiro
Publisher:  Avinus Verlag, 2004

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  Author Response:  Alan N. Shapiro

Technology and the Dream: Reflections on the Black Experience at MIT, 1941-1999
Author:  Clarence G. Williams
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas

July 2006

Connected, or What It Means to Live in the Network Society
Author:  Steven Shaviro
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2003

  Review 1: Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  Review 2: Jarice Hanson
  Review 3: Meredith Tromble
  Author Response:  Steven Shaviro

Shaping Things
Author:  Bruce Sterling
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2005

  Review 1: Teodor Mitew
  Review 2: Jentery Sayers
  Review 3: Alan Sondheim
  Author Response:  Bruce Sterling

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Author:  Jane Margolis, Allan Fisher
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

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  Author Response:  Jane Margolis

Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet
Editor:  Christine Hine
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2005

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  Review 2: Nils Zurawski
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June 2006

Image Ethics in the Digital Age
Editor:  Larry Gross, John Stuart Katz, Jay Ruby
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2003

  Review 1: Lane DeNicola

Making Silicon Valley: Innovation and the Growth of High-Tech, 1930-1970
Author:  Christophe Lecuyer
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2006

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Author:  Matthew Fuller
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Publisher:  Eastern Universities Press, 2003

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Editor:  Mark D. Johns, Shing-Ling Sarina Chen, G. Jon Hall
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May 2006

Applied Ethics in Internet Research
Editor:  May Thorseth
Publisher:  NTNU University Press, 2003

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Basque Cyberculture: From Digital Euskadi to Cybereuskalherria
Author:  Andoni Alonso, Iñaki Arzoz
Publisher:  Center for Basque Studies, 2006

  Review 1: Loykie Lominé
  Author Response:  Andoni Alonso

Author:  Eugene Thacker
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2004

  Review 1: Pramod K. Nayar
  Author Response:  Eugene Thacker

April 2006

Love Online: Emotions on the Internet
Author:  Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press, 2004

  Review 1: Mary Chayko
  Author Response:  Aaron Ben-Ze'ev

Touch: Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media
Author:  Laura U. Marks
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2002

  Review 1: Ted Kafala
  Author Response:  Laura Marks

March 2006

Mobile Media: Content and Services for Wireless Communication
Editor:  Jo Groebel, Eli M. Noam, Valerie Feldmann
Publisher:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006

  Review 1: Susan Jacobson

The Video Game Theory Reader
Editor:  Mark J. P. Wolf, Bernard Perron
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Jason Rhody
  Author Response:  Mark J. P. Wolf
  Author Response:  Bernard Perron

January 2006

Literacy in the New Media Age
Author:  Gunther Kress
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Karim A. Remtulla

Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life
Author:  Chris Kohler
Publisher:  Brady Games, 2004

  Review 1: Avery Alix

November 2005

Cyberprotest: New Media, Citizens and Social Movements
Editor:  Wim van de Donk, Brian D. Loader, Paul G. Nixon, Dieter Rucht
Publisher:  Routledge, 2004

  Review 1: Arthur L. Morin

Future Active: Media Activism and the Internet
Author:  Graham Meikle
Publisher:  Routledge, 2002

  Review 1: Roberta Buiani
  Review 2: Victor Pickard

Profiling Machines: Mapping the Personal Information Economy
Author:  Greg Elmer
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Timothy D. Ray

Virtual Publics: Policy and Community in an Electronic Age
Editor:  Beth E. Kolko
Publisher:  Columbia University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Nathan Rambukkana

October 2005

Me++ : The Cyborg Self and the Networked City
Author:  William J. Mitchell
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Joseph Savirimuthu

New Terror, New Wars
Author:  Paul Gilbert
Publisher:  Georgetown University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Kevin Douglas Kuswa

The Postdigital Membrane: Imagination, Technology and Desire
Author:  Robert Pepperell, Michael Punt
Publisher:  Intellect Books, 2000

  Review 1: Nicholas Ruiz III

Virtual Christianity: Potential and Challenge for the Churches
Author:  Jean-Nicolas Bazin, Jerome Cottin
Publisher:  World Council of Churches, 2003

  Review 1: Tim Detwiler

September 2005

Asia.com: Asia Encounters the Internet
Editor:  K. C. Ho, Randy Kluver, C.C Yang
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Rohitashya Chattopadhyay
  Review 2: Allen Chun
  Author Response:  KC Ho, Randolph Kluver, and Kenneth CC Yang

Democracy and New Media
Editor:  Henry Jenkins, David Thorburn
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Barbara K. Iverson
  Review 2: Charisse Corsbie-Massay

From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure: Access to Information in the Networked World
Author:  Christine L. Borgman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2000

  Review 1: Hang Ryeol Na

Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance
Author:  Jon McKenzie
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

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Technicolor: Race, Technology, and Everyday Life
Editor:  Alondra Nelson, Thuy Lin N. Tu, with Alicia Headlam Hines
Publisher:  NYU Press, 2000

  Review 1: Andre Brock
  Review 2: C. Richard King
  Review 3: Angela Denise Prater
  Review 4: Lisa Marie Rollins

August 2005

Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Community Formation on the Internet
Author:  Emily Noelle Ignacio
Publisher:  Rutgers University Press, 2005

  Review 1: Marc W.D. Tyrrell
  Review 2: Hilary Robertson-Hickling
  Review 3: Christopher Helland
  Author Response:  Emily Ignacio

From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure: Access to Information in the Networked World
Author:  Christine L. Borgman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2000

  Review 1: Bill Herman

Getting It On Online: Cyberspace, Gay Male Sexuality and Embodied Identity
Author:  John Edward Campbell
Publisher:  Haworth Press, 2004

  Review 1: Adi Kuntsman
  Review 2: Nina Wakeford
  Review 3: Monica Whitty
  Author Response:  John Edward Campbell

Virtual Inequality: Beyond the Digital Divide
Author:  Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, Mary Stansbury
Publisher:  Georgetown University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Charles Ford
  Review 2: Jane Weiss
  Review 3: Michelle Rodino
  Author Response:  Karen Mossberger

July 2005

Connected for Development: Information Kiosks and Sustainability
Editor:  Akhtar Badshah, Sarbuland Khan, Maria Garrido
Publisher:  United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force, 2003

  Review 1: Ricardo Arana (Español)
  Review 2: T.R. Madanmohan
  Review 3: Chris Russill
  Author Response:  Maria Garrido (English)
  Author Response:  Maria Garrido (Español)

Granny @ Work: Aging and New Technology on the Job in America
Author:  Karen E. Riggs
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Chheng-Hong Ho
  Review 2: Meredith Tromble

Shaping the Network Society: The New Role of Civil Society in Cyberspace
Editor:  Douglas Schuler, Peter Day
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Andrew Schroeder
  Review 2: Brad McCormick
  Review 3: Julie Mactaggart
  Author Response:  Douglas Schuler and Peter Day

Women and Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency and Identity
Editor:  Mia Consalvo, Susanna Paasonen
Publisher:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2002

  Review 1: Deborah Clark Vance
  Review 2: Sarah Whitehead
  Review 3: Kris Byrd
  Author Response:  Susanna Paasonen

Writing About Cool: Hypertext and Cultural Studies in the Computer Classroom
Author:  Jeff Rice
Publisher:  Pearson Education Inc, 2004

  Review 1: J. M. King
  Author Response:  Jeff Rice

June 2005

11M. Redes para Ganar una Guerra
Author:  David de Ugarte
Publisher:  Icaria, 2004

  Review 1: María Goicoechea (English)
  Review 2: María Goicoechea (Español)

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society
Author:  Anthony G. Wilhelm
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: John Carr
  Review 2: John F. Barber

Narrative Across Media: The Languages of Storytelling
Editor:  Marie-Laure Ryan
Publisher:  University of Nebraska Press, 2004

  Review 1: Jessica M. Laccetti

No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society
Author:  Robert O'Harrow, Jr.
Publisher:  Free Press, 2005

  Review 1: Lisa Smith

May 2005

E-Commerce and Cultural Values
Editor:  Theerasak Thanasankit
Publisher:  Idea Group Publishing, 2003

  Review 1: Kirk St.Amant

Islam in the Digital Age: E-Jihad, Online Fatwas, and Cyber Islamic Environments
Author:  Gary R. Bunt
Publisher:  Pluto Press, 2003

  Review 1: Alan Sondheim
  Review 2: Robert Tynes

Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art, and the Myth of Transparency
Author:  Jay David Bolter, Diane Gromala
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Richard Holeton

April 2005

Data Made Flesh: Embodying Information
Editor:  Robert Mitchell, Phillip Thurtle
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Dan Wright
  Author Response:  Robert Mitchell and Phillip Thurtle

Future Cinema: The Cinematic Imaginary after Film
Editor:  Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Bob Rehak

The Network Society
Author:  Darin Barney
Publisher:  Polity Press, 2004

  Review 1: Alison Powell

Women and Media in the Middle East: Power Through Self-Expression
Editor:  Naomi Sakr
Publisher:  I.B.Tauris, 2004

  Review 1: Rasha A. Abdulla

March 2005

Culture and Politics in the Information Age: A New Politics
Editor:  Frank Webster
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Mashoed Bailie

Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity
Author:  Lawrence Lessig
Publisher:  Penguin Press, 2004

  Review 1: Arthur L. Morin

Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization
Author:  Alexander R. Galloway
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Jason Lesko

February 2005

The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction
Author:  Jonathan Sterne
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Daniel Gilfillan
  Author Response:  Jonathan Sterne

The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach
Author:  Daniel Miller, Don Slater
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2001

  Review 1: Maria Rosales-Sequeiros
  Author Response:  Daniel Miller

January 2005

Memory Bytes: History, Technology, and Digital Culture
Editor:  Lauren Rabinovitz, Abraham Geil
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2004

  Review 1: Steven D. Krause

December 2004

A Hacker Manifesto
Author:  McKenzie Wark
Publisher:  Harvard University Press, 2004

  Review 1: Steven Shaviro

Review Essay: Generation Ecstasy: Into the World of Techno and Rave Culture; and Clubbing: Dancing, Ecstasy and Vitality
Author:  Simon Reynolds, Ben Malbon
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

  Review 1: Adam Fish

November 2004

Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers
Author:  Pablo Boczkowski
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2004

  Review 1: Anne Beaulieu

The New Media Monopoly
Author:  B.H. Bagdikian
Publisher:  Beacon Press, 2004

  Review 1: Ali Unlu

October 2004

Artifacts: An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley
Author:  Christine A. Finn
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Julia Chenot GoodFox
  Author Response:  Christine Finn

Literacy in the Information Age: Inquiries Into Meaning Making With New Technologies
Editor:  Bertram C. Bruce
Publisher:  International Reading Association, 2003

  Review 1: Dianne Potts

Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
Author:  Francis Fukuyama
Publisher:  Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2002

  Review 1: C. B. Crawford

September 2004

Open Networks, Closed Regimes: The Impact of the Internet on Authoritarian Rule
Author:  Shanthi Kalathil, Taylor C. Boas
Publisher:  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2003

  Review 1: Arthur L. Morin

Psychological Experiments on the Internet
Editor:  Michael H. Birnbaum
Publisher:  Academic Press, 2000

  Review 1: Smita C. Banerjee

The Digital Revolution and the Coming of the Postmodern University
Author:  Carl A. Raschke
Publisher:  Falmer Press, 2002

  Review 1: C. B. Crawford

August 2004

Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age
Author:  David M. Levy
Publisher:  Arcade Books, 2001

  Review 1: Meghan Dougherty
  Review 2: Adrienne Massanari

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution
Author:  Howard Rheingold
Publisher:  Perseus Publishing, 2002

  Review 1: Wendy Robinson
  Author Response:  Howard Rheingold

Society Online: The Internet in Context
Editor:  Philip N. Howard, Steve Jones
Publisher:  Sage, 2004

  Review 1: Mei Zhang
  Author Response:  Philip Howard and Steve Jones

July 2004

Pop Music - Technology and Creativity
Author:  Timothy Warner
Publisher:  Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2003

  Review 1: David Beer

Virtual Society?: Technology, Cyberbole, Reality
Editor:  Steve Woolgar
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, 2002

  Review 1: Peter McKenna

June 2004

Japanese Cybercultures
Editor:  Nanette Gottlieb, Mark McLelland
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Leslie M. Tkach-Kawasaki

Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History
Editor:  Darren Tofts, Annemarie Jonson, Alessio Cavallaro
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Nick Mercer

Tecno-Poesia e Realtà Virtuali: Storia, Teoria, Esperienze tra Scrittura, Visualità e Nuovi Media
Author:  Caterina Davínio
Publisher:  Editoriale Sometti, 2002

  Review 1: Jorge Luiz Antonio

May 2004

Author:  Pierre Lévy (Translated by Robert Bononno)
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2001

  Review 1: Pramod K. Nayar

Online Journalism: A Critical Primer
Author:  Jim Hall
Publisher:  Pluto Press, 2001

  Review 1: Tapas Ray

Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market
Author:  Eric Schlosser
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Co, 2003

  Review 1: Dianna Dilworth

Sex in the Future: The Reproductive Revolution and How It Will Change Us
Author:  Robin Baker
Publisher:  Arcade Publishing, 2000

  Review 1: Trudy Barber

April 2004

Cognitive Fictions
Author:  Joseph Tabbi
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2002

  Review 1: Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  Review 2: Jen Webb
  Author Response:  Joseph Tabbi

Online Connections: Internet Interpersonal Relationships
Author:  Susan B. Barnes
Publisher:  Hampton Press, Inc, 2001

  Review 1: Andrew Dalton

Technology and Social Inclusion: Rethinking the Digital Divide
Author:  Mark Warschauer
Publisher:  The MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Chris Hewson

Writing Machines
Author:  N. Katherine Hayles (designed by Anne Burdick)
Publisher:  MIT Press Mediawork Pamphlet Series, 2002

  Review 1: Michael Filas

Zatruta Studnia [Poisoned Well. On Power and Freedom]
Author:  Edwin Bendyk
Publisher:  Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2002

  Review 1: Alek Tarkowski

March 2004

America as Second Creation: Technology and Narratives of New Beginnings
Author:  David E. Nye
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Craig McFarlane

Haunted Media: Electronic Presence From Telegraphy to Television
Author:  Jeffrey Sconce
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 2000

  Review 1: Dougie Bicket

Natural Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence
Author:  Andy Clark
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, 2003

  Review 1: Steven A. Benko

On the Internet
Author:  Hubert L. Dreyfus
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Geoffrey Cain

Technology and the New Economy
Editor:  Chong-En Bai, Chi-Wa Yuen
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Suely Fragoso

Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia
Author:  Geert Lovink
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2003

  Review 1: Ted Kafala

February 2004

Culture & Technology
Author:  Andrew Murphie, John Potts
Publisher:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2002

  Review 1: Tim Detwiler

Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age
Author:  Chris Hables Gray
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Danielle R. Wiese

Local y Global: La Gestion de las Ciudades en la Era de la Informacion
Author:  Jordi Borja, Manuel Castells
Publisher:  Taurus, 1997

  Review 1: Maria Rosales-Sequeiros

Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication
Author:  John Durham Peters
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 1999

  Review 1: Scott Campbell
  Review 2: Christopher Lucas
  Review 3: Malcolm Dean

January 2004

Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature
Author:  Espen J. Aarseth
Publisher:  John Hopkins University Press, 1997

  Review 1: Vika Zafrin

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created An Empire and Transformed Pop Culture
Author:  David Kushner
Publisher:  Random House, 2003

  Review 1: Bob Rehak

Trigger Happy: Videogames and the Entertainment Revolution
Author:  Steven Poole
Publisher:  Arcade Books, 2000

  Review 1: Edward Castronova
  Review 2: Aaron Delwiche

December 2003

Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation
Editor:  Gitte Stald, Thomas Tufte
Publisher:  University of Luton Press, 2002

  Review 1: Kevin Douglas Kuswa
  Review 2: Radhika Seth
  Review 3: Charles Ess

Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media: Explorations in Media, Religion, and Culture
Editor:  Stewart M. Hoover, Lynn Schofield Clark
Publisher:  Columbia University Press, 2002

  Review 1: Christopher Helland

Semiotic Flesh: Information and the Human Body
Editor:  Phillip Thurtle, Robert Mitchell
Publisher:  Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities, 2003

  Review 1: Sarah Stein
  Review 2: Anne Beaulieu
  Review 3: Simone Seym
  Author Response:  Phillip Thurtle and Robert Mitchell

November 2003

Internet Governance in Transition: Who is the Master of This Domain?
Author:  Daniel Paré
Publisher:  Rowan and Littlefield, 2003

  Review 1: John W. Campbell
  Review 2: Arthur L. Morin

Telecommunications Law in the Internet Age
Author:  Sharon K. Black
Publisher:  Morgan Kaufmann, 2001

  Review 1: David R. Dewberry

The Laws of the Web: Patterns in the Ecology of Information
Author:  Bernardo A. Huberman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Jeanette Burkett

October 2003

Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity
Author:  Siva Vaidhyanathan
Publisher:  NYU Press, 2001

  Review 1: Laura Kertz

Pattern Recognition
Author:  William Gibson
Publisher:  Penguin Putnam, 2003

  Review 1: Tama Leaver

The Words That Took Us There: Ethnography in a Virtual Reality
Author:  Frank Schaap
Publisher:  Aksant Academic Publishers, 2002

  Review 1: Stephanie Bennett

September 2003

Communities in Cyberspace
Editor:  Marc Smith, Peter Kollock
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

  Review 1: Janet Armentor

Online Communities: Commerce, Community Action, and the Virtual University
Editor:  Chris Werry, Miranda Mowbray
Publisher:  Prentice Hall, 2000

  Review 1: Gloria Gannaway

August 2003

At Home With Computers
Author:  Elaine Lally
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2002

  Review 1: Deborah J. Smith

ScreenPlay: Cinema/Videogames/Interfaces
Editor:  Geoff King, Tanya Krzywinska
Publisher:  Wallflower Press, 2002

  Review 1: Bob Rehak

The Social Life of Information
Author:  John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid
Publisher:  Harvard Business School Press, 2000 (reissued in 2002)

  Review 1: G.C. Gupta

July 2003

High Technology and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced Information Technology
Editor:  Donald A. Schon, Bish Sanyal, William J. Mitchell
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1998

  Review 1: Gracie Lawson-Borders

Inclusive Design Guidelines for HCI
Editor:  Colette Nicolle, Julio Abascal
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis, 2001

  Review 1: Rita Lauria

Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over
Author:  Ollivier Dyens (Translated by Evan J. Bibbee and Ollivier Dyens)
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Bryan Alexander

Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction
Author:  Paul Dourish
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Tom Bell

June 2003

Communication and Cyberspace: Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment (2nd Edition)
Editor:  Lance Strate, Ron L. Jacobson, Stephanie Gibson
Publisher:  Hampton Press, Inc, 2003

  Review 1: Kirk St.Amant

Community Informatics: Shaping Computer-Mediated Social Relations
Editor:  Leigh Keeble, Brian D. Loader
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Paul Bevan

Leonardo's Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies
Author:  Ben Shneiderman
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Hugh Miller
  Author Response:  Ben Shneiderman

New Money, Nice Town: How Capital Works in the New Urban Economy
Author:  Leonard Nevarez
Publisher:  Routledge, 2003

  Review 1: Dianna Dilworth
  Author Response:  Leonard Nevarez

May 2003

Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias
Editor:  Peter Ludlow
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Atara Frenkel-Faran & Merav Katz

Cyberpunk and Cyberculture: Science Fiction and the Work of William Gibson
Author:  Dani Cavallaro
Publisher:  Athlone Press, 2000

  Review 1: Samir Chopra

Author:  Arne Tangherlini
Publisher:  Leapfrog Press, 1999

  Review 1: Michael Filas

On a Silver Platter: CD-ROMs and the Promises of a New Technology
Editor:  Greg M. Smith
Publisher:  NYU Press, 1999

  Review 1: David Prater

April 2003

Culture and Politics in the Information Age: A New Politics?
Editor:  Frank Webster
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Joseph Savirimuthu

Strategies for Electronic Commerce and the Internet
Author:  Henry C. Lucas, Jr.
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2002

  Review 1: Edward Castronova

Technology and In/equality: Questioning the Information Society
Editor:  Sally Wyatt, Flis Henwood, Nod Miller & Peter Senker
Publisher:  Routledge, 2000

  Review 1: Dougie Bicket
  Review 2: Yu-hua Chang

Video Games: A Popular Culture Phenomenon
Author:  Arthur Asa Berger
Publisher:  Transaction Publishers, 2002

  Review 1: W. Bradford Mello

March 2003

Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet
Author:  Lisa Nakamura
Publisher:  Routledge, 2002

  Review 1: Julian Bleecker
  Review 2: Graham J. Murphy
  Author Response:  Lisa Nakamura

Digital Mosaics: The Aesthetics of Cyberspace
Author:  Steven Holtzman
Publisher:  Touchstone Books, 1998

  Review 1: Kevin Moist

Technospaces: Inside the New Media
Editor:  Sally R. Munt
Publisher:  Continuum, 2001

  Review 1: Helen Kennedy

The New Communications Landscape: Demystifying Media Globalization
Editor:  Georgette Wang, Jan Servaes, Anura Goonasekera
Publisher:  Routledge, 2000

  Review 1: Josh Heuman

February 2003

Evolving Traditions, Artists Working in New Media
Author:  Seth Thompson
Publisher:  Wigged Productions, 2002

  Review 1: Janine Johnson

The Internet and Health Communication: Experiences and Expectations
Editor:  Ronald E. Rice, James E. Katz
Publisher:  Sage, 2001

  Review 1: Kathleen M. Golden
  Author Response:  Ronald E. Rice

Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity
Editor:  Eileen Green, Alison Adam
Publisher:  Routledge, 2001

  Review 1: Monica Whitty
  Review 2: Andrew Dalton
  Author Response:  Eileen Green

January 2003

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Editor:  James E. Katz, Mark Aakhus
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  Review 2: Scott Campbell
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December 2002

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Author:  Thierry Bardini
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Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries
Author:  Loss Pequeño Glazier
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  Review 2: Susan Joyce
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November 2002

Cyborg Lives? Women's Technobiographies
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Author:  Darin Barney
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October 2002

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Editor:  Donna Gibbs, Kerri-Lee Krause
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  Review 2: Rodney K. Marshall

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  Review 2: Nils Zurawski

Literature and the Internet: A Guide for Students, Teachers, and Scholars
Author:  Stephanie Browner, Stephen Pulsford, Richard Sears
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  Review 2: Stacy Gillis
  Review 3: Betsy Huang
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September 2002

Unspun: Key Concepts for Understanding the World Wide Web
Editor:  Thomas Swiss
Publisher:  NYU Press, 2000

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We Were Burning: Japanese Entrepreneurs and the Forging of the Electronic Age
Author:  Bob Johnstone
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August 2002

Cyberimperialism?: Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier
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The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World
Author:  Lawrence Lessig
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Author:  Carl Mitcham
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 1994

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July 2002

Gender & Community in the Social Construction of the Internet
Author:  Leslie Regan Shade
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Author:  Carl Shapiro, Hal R. Varian
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Author:  Lisa Gitelman
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June 2002

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Author:  Barbara Warnick
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Author:  Anne Wells Branscomb
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May 2002

Information Technology in Context: Studies from the Perspective of Developing Countries
Editor:  Chrisanthi Avgerou, Geoff Walsham
Publisher:  Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2000

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Observer/Observed and Other Works of Video Semiology (CD-ROM)
Author:  Takahiko Iimura
Publisher:  Banff Center for the Arts, 1999

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  Author Response:  Takahiko Iimura

Utopian Entrepreneur
Author:  Brenda Laurel
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

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  Review 2: Geert Lovink
  Review 3: Leslie Regan Shade

April 2002

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Author:  William Wresch
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  Author Response:  Bill Wresch

Kids' Media Culture
Editor:  Marsha Kinder
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The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-Line Pioneers
Author:  Tom Standage
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  Review 2: Leslie M. Tkach

March 2002

Cyberpl@y: Communicating Online
Author:  Brenda Danet
Publisher:  Berg Publishers, 2001

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  Review 2: Beth Jeffery
  Review 3: Karla Saari Kitalong
  Author Response:  Brenda Danet

What's the Matter with the Internet?
Author:  Mark Poster
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 2001

  Review 1: Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  Review 2: Rune Dalgaard
  Review 3: Slavka Antonova
  Author Response:  Mark Poster

February 2002

Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government -- Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
Author:  Steven Levy
Publisher:  Viking Press, 2001

  Review 1: Iain Lang
  Review 2: Lokman Tsui
  Author Response:  Steven Levy

Life Online: Researching Real Experience in Virtual Space
Author:  Annette N. Markham
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  Review 2: Dennis L. Wignall
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The Internet Upheaval: Raising Questions, Seeking Answers in Communications Policy
Editor:  Ingo Vogelsang, Benjamin M. Compaine
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2000

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  Review 2: Pat Gannon-Leary
  Author Response:  Ben Compaine
  Author Response:  Ingo Vogelsang

January 2002

Beyond Our Control? Confronting the Limits of Our Legal System in the Age of Cyberspace
Author:  Stuart Biegel
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Douglas Galbi
  Review 2: Jerry E. Stephens

Review Essay: the interactive book; Joystick Nation: How Videogames Ate Our Quarters, Won Our Hearts, and Rewired Our Minds; and Extra Life: Coming of Age in Cyberspace
Author:  Celia Pearce, J. C. Herz, David Bennahum
Publisher:  Macmillan Technical Publishing, 1997; Little, Brown & Co, 1997; & Basic Books, 1998,

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Author:  David R. Koepsell
Publisher:  Open Court, 2000

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December 2001

CyberText Yearbook 2000
Editor:  Markku Eskelinen, Raine Koskimaa
Publisher:  Research Centre for Contemporary Culture, 2000

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  Author Response:  Markku Eskelinen & Raine Koskimaa

Techgnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information
Author:  Eric Davis
Publisher:  Harmony Books, 1998

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  Review 2: Nick Hales

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Author:  Andrew Darley
Publisher:  Routledge, 2000

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November 2001

Mapping Cyberspace: Social Research on the Electronic Frontier
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Editor:  Ken Goldberg
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October 2001

Conversation and Community: Chat in a Virtual World
Author:  Lynn Cherny
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Il Cyborg: Saggio Sull'uomo Artificiale
Author:  Antonio Caronia
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Times of the Technoculture. From the Information Society to the Virtual Life
Author:  Kevin Robins, Frank Webster
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September 2001

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Author:  Paulina Borsook
Publisher:  Public Affairs, 2001

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  Author Response:  Paulina Borsook

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  Review 2: Jonathan J. Lillie
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Virtually Islamic: Computer-mediated Communication and Cyber Islamic Environments
Author:  Gary Bunt
Publisher:  University of Wales Press, 2000

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  Author Response:  Gary R. Bunt

August 2001

The Language of New Media
Author:  Lev Manovich
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2001

  Review 1: Katie Mondloch
  Review 2: Bryan Alexander

Zot!: Hearts and Minds
Author:  Scott McCloud
Publisher:  Published Indepedently, 2000

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July 2001

Ars Electronica: Facing the Future. A Survey of Two Decade
Editor:  Timothy Druckrey
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

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Community Building on the Web
Author:  Amy Jo Kim
Publisher:  Peachpit Press, 2000

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Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create & Communicate
Author:  Steven Johnson
Publisher:  Basic Books, 1997

  Review 1: Jonathan Alexander

June 2001

Interpoesia: Poesia Hipermídia Interativa (CD-ROM)
Author:  Philadelpho Menezes, Wilton Azevedo
Publisher:  Presbyterian University Mackenzie, 1997/1998

  Review 1: Jorge Luiz Antonio

Online Communities: Designing Usability, Supporting Sociability
Author:  Jenny Preece
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons, 2000

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  Review 2: Chris Halaska
  Author Response:  Jenny Preece

Virtual Ethnography
Author:  Christine Hine
Publisher:  Sage, 2000

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  Review 2: Nils Zurawski
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May 2001

The Cybercultures Reader
Editor:  David Bell, Barbara M. Kennedy
Publisher:  Routledge, 2000

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  Review 2: Kate O'Riordan

The Diagnosis
Author:  Allan Lightman
Publisher:  Pantheon Books, 2000

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The Media Equation. How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places
Author:  Byron Reeves, Clifford Nass
Publisher:  CSLI Publications, 1996

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April 2001

Democracy.com? Governance in a Networked World
Author:  Elaine Kamarck, Joseph Nye
Publisher:  Hollis Publishing, 1999

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The Internet Edge: Social, Legal, and Technological Challenges for a Networked World
Author:  Mark Stefik
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

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Tune In, Log On: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community
Author:  Nancy K. Baym
Publisher:  Sage, 2000

  Review 1: Vic Costello
  Review 2: Wendy Robinson
  Author Response:  Nancy Baym

March 2001

Author:  Matt Drudge
Publisher:  New American Library, 2000

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Web.studies: Rewiring Media Studies for the Digital Age
Editor:  David Gauntlett
Publisher:  Arnold Publishers & Oxford University Press, 2000

  Review 1: Ryan Burns
  Review 2: Cesar Basanta
  Review 3: Patrick Finn
  Author Response:  David Gauntlett

women@internet: Creating New Cultures in Cyberspace
Editor:  Wendy Harcourt
Publisher:  Zed Books, 1999

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  Author Response:  Wendy Harcourt

February 2001

Caught in the Net: How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction and a Winning Strategy for Recovery
Author:  Kimberly S. Young
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons, 1998

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Race in Cyberspace
Editor:  Beth Kolko, Lisa Nakamura, Gilbert Rodman
Publisher:  Routledge, 2000

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  Review 2: Andrew Jakubowicz

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down To Size
Author:  Tor Norretranders (Translated by Jonathan Sydenham)
Publisher:  Viking Press, 1999

  Review 1: Tavia Turkish

January 2001

Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America.
Author:  Laura Kipnis
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 1999

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Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age
Author:  Frederick S. Lane III
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

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The Control Revolution: How the Internet is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know
Author:  Andrew L. Shapiro
Publisher:  Public Affairs, 1999

  Review 1: Ravi Srinivas

December 2000

Inventing the Internet
Author:  Janet Abbate
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

  Review 1: Linda Baughman

Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures
Author:  Peter Lunenfeld
Publisher:  MIT Press, 2000

  Review 1: Bryan Alexander

November 2000

CyberReader 2/e
Editor:  Victor J. Vitanza
Publisher:  Allyn and Bacon, 1999

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Global Literacies and the World Wide Web
Editor:  Gail Hawisher, Cynthia Selfe
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

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the internet:// a philosophical inquiry
Author:  Gordon Graham
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

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October 2000

Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace and the Internet
Author:  Tim Jordan
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

  Review 1: Adrian Mihalache
  Review 2: Sarah Stein
  Author Response:  Tim Jordan

The Wired Professor: A Guide to Incorporating the World Wide Web in College Instruction
Author:  Anne B. Keating, Joseph Hargitai
Publisher:  NYU Press, 1999

  Review 1: Joseph Raben
  Review 2: Rob Friedman

September 2000

Global Obscenities: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and the Lure of Cyberfantasy
Author:  Zillah Eisenstein
Publisher:  NYU Press, 1998

  Review 1: Rebecca Zorach
  Review 2: Edrie Sobstyl
  Review 3: Katrien Jacobs

Making the Cisco Connection: The Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower
Author:  David Bunnell
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons, 2000

  Review 1: Derek Van Ittersum

The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention
Author:  David F. Noble
Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1997

  Review 1: John McLaughlin

August 2000

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Author:  Lawrence Lessig
Publisher:  Basic Books, 1999

  Review 1: Dan Orr
  Review 2: Andrew Hess

Machinic Modulations: New Cultural Theory & Technopolitics,
Editor:  John Armitage
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis, 1999

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  Review 2: M. Michael Schiff
  Author Response:  John Armitage

The Closed World: Computers and the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America
Author:  Paul N. Edwards
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1996

  Review 1: Ryan Bishop

July 2000

Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in Cyberspace
Author:  Pierre Lévy (Translated by Robert Bononno)
Publisher:  Plenum Trade, 1997

  Review 1: Richard Barbrook
  Review 2: Graham J. Murphy
  Review 3: Arthur L. Morin
  Author Response:  Pierre Lévy

Hackers: Crime in the Digital Sublime
Author:  Paul Taylor
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

  Review 1: Maren Hartmann
  Review 2: EJM Duggan
  Author Response:  Paul Taylor

June 2000

Digital Capitalism: Networking the Global Market System
Author:  Dan Schiller
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

  Review 1: On-Kwok Lai
  Author Response:  Dan Schiller

Doing Internet Research: Critical Issues and Methods for Examining the Net
Editor:  Steven G. Jones
Publisher:  Sage, 1999

  Review 1: Darren Reed
  Author Response:  Steve Jones

May 2000

Digital Babylon: How the Geeks, the Suits, and the Ponytails tried to bring Hollywood to the Internet
Author:  John Geirland, Eva Sonesh-Kedar
Publisher:  Arcade Publishing, 1999

  Review 1: Alexa Champion

How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics
Author:  N. Katherine Hayles
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 1999

  Review 1: Andrew Kurtz
  Author Response:  N. Katherine Hayles

April 2000

Cyberghetto or Cybertopia? Race, Class and Gender on the Internet
Editor:  Bosah Ebo
Publisher:  Praeger Publishers, 1998

  Review 1: Ed Pai
  Review 2: Mike Ayers
  Author Response:  Bosah Ebo

Technology and Public Participation
Editor:  Brian Martin
Publisher:  University of Wollongong, 1999

  Review 1: Karin Geiselhart

March 2000

Cyborgs@Cyberspace? An Ethnographer Looks to the Future
Author:  David Hakken
Publisher:  Routledge, 1999

  Review 1: Adrian Mihalache

The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet
Author:  Margaret Wertheim
Publisher:  W.W. Norton, 1999

  Review 1: Claudia Rector

February 2000

Playing the Future: How Kids' Culture Can Teach Us to Thrive in an Age of Chaos
Author:  Douglas Rushkoff
Publisher:  HarperCollins, 1996

  Review 1: Vanessa E. Domine
  Author Response:  Douglas Rushkoff

The Joy of Cybersex: A Guide for Creative Lovers
Author:  Deb Levine
Publisher:  Ballantine Books, 1998

  Review 1: Nat Muller

January 2000

Silicon Gold Rush: The Next Generation of High-Tech Stars Rewrite the Rules of Business
Author:  Karen Southwick
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1999

  Review 1: Ian Lewis Gordon

Virtual Realism
Author:  Michael Heim
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, 1998

  Review 1: Steven J. Schneider
  Author Response:  Michael Heim

December 1999

Civic Space / Cyberspace: The American Public Library in the Information Age
Author:  Redmond Kathleen Molz, Phyllis Dain
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

  Review 1: Marylou Hale

Remediation: Understanding New Media
Author:  Jay David Bolter, Richard Grusin
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1999

  Review 1: Patrick J. Cook

November 1999

Cyborg Babies: From Techno-Sex to Techno-Tots
Editor:  Robbie Davis-Floyd, Joseph Dumit
Publisher:  Routledge, 1998

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Literacy Theory in the Age of the Internet
Editor:  Todd Taylor, Irene Ward
Publisher:  Columbia University Press, 1998

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October 1999

Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet
Author:  Michael Hauben, Ronda Hauben
Publisher:  IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997

  Review 1: Benjamin J. Bates
  Author Response:  Ronda Hauben

The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age
Author:  Allucquere Rosanne Stone
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1995

  Review 1: Robert Mitchell

September 1999

Holding on to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium
Author:  Albert Borgmann
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 1999

  Review 1: Douglas Kellner
  Author Response:  Albert Borgmann

The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Author:  Ray Kurzweil
Publisher:  Viking, 1999

  Review 1: Collin Gifford Brooke
  Review 2: Marco Diani

August 1999

Aol.Com: How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates, Nailed the Netheads, and Made Millions in the War for the Web
Author:  Kara Swisher
Publisher:  Times Business, Random House, 1999

  Review 1: Tim Jordan

Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age
Author:  Mike Godwin
Publisher:  Times Books, 1998

  Review 1: Colette LaBouff Atkinson

July 1999

And That's the Way It Will Be: News and Information in a Digital World
Author:  Christopher Harper
Publisher:  New York University Press, 1998

  Review 1: Vian Bakir

Dave Barry in Cyberspace
Author:  Dave Barry
Publisher:  Fawcett Columbine, 1996

  Review 1: Sarah E. Skwire

June 1999

The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?
Author:  David Brin
Publisher:  Perseus Books, 1998

  Review 1: Erik P. Bucy

Zeros + Ones: Digital Women + the New Technoculture
Author:  Sadie Plant
Publisher:  Doubleday, 1997

  Review 1: Patrice McDermott

May 1999

Close to the Machine: Technophilia and its Discontents
Author:  Ellen Ullman
Publisher:  City Lights Books, 1997

  Review 1: Edward J. Gallagher

Memory Trade: A Prehistory of Cyberculture
Author:  Darren Tofts, Murray McKeich
Publisher:  G + B Arts International, 1998

  Review 1: Carolyn Guertin

April 1999

Computers, Surveillance, And Privacy
Editor:  David Lyon, Elia Zureik
Publisher:  University of Minnesota Press, 1996

  Review 1: Kent A. Ono

Writing for Multimedia: Entertainment, Education, Training, Advertising, and the World Wide Web
Author:  Timothy Garrand
Publisher:  Focal Press, 1997

  Review 1: Ira Nayman

March 1999

Sexuality and Cyberspace: Performing the Digital Body: Special Issue of Women & Performance
Editor:  Teresa Senft, Stacy Horn
Publisher:  New York University, 1996

  Review 1: Bryan Alexander and Debra DeRuyver

Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women
Author:  Anne Balsamo
Publisher:  Duke University Press, 1996

  Review 1: Andrew Glikman

February 1999

Last Flesh: Life in the Transhuman Era
Author:  Christopher Dewdney
Publisher:  HarperCollins, 1997

  Review 1: Anna Cooper

My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World
Author:  Julian Dibbell
Publisher:  Henry Holt, 1998

  Review 1: Kalí Tal

January 1999

Digital Diversions: Youth Culture in the Age of Multimedia
Editor:  Julian Sefton-Green
Publisher:  UCL Press, 1998

  Review 1: Gareth Evans

Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing
Author:  Johndan Johnson-Eilola
Publisher:  Ablex Publishing, 1997

  Review 1: Joe Wilferth

December 1998

The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology and the Arts
Author:  Richard Lanham
Publisher:  University of Chicago Press, 1993

  Review 1: Geoffrey Rubinstein
  Review 2: Judyth Avary Baker

The Wired Neighborhood
Author:  Stephen Doheny-Farina
Publisher:  Yale University Press, 1997

  Review 1: Samuel Choi

November 1998

Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace
Author:  James J. O'Donnell
Publisher:  Harvard University Press, 1998

  Review 1: Patrick J. Cook
  Author Response:  James J. O'Donnell

La Red: Cómo Cambiarán Nuestras Vidas los Nuevos Medios de Comunicación
Author:  Juan Luis Cebrián
Publisher:  Taurus (Colección Pensamiento), 1998

  Review 1: Sara Martín

October 1998

Cyberville: Clicks, Culture and the Creation of an Online Town
Author:  Stacy Horn
Publisher:  Warner Books, 1998

  Review 1: Martin T. Willis
  Author Response:  Stacy Horn

Hypertext: The Electronic Labyrinth
Author:  Llana Snyder
Publisher:  New York University Press, 1996

  Review 1: Douglas A. Brooks

September 1998

Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption
Author:  Whitfield Diffie and Susan Landau
Publisher:  MIT Press, 1998

  Review 1: David J. Phillips

The Message is the Medium: Online All the Time For Everyone
Author:  Tom Koch
Publisher:  Praeger, 1996

  Review 1: Cynthia Ho
  Author Response:  Tom Koch

August 1998

A Rhetoric of Electronic Communities
Author:  Tharon Howard
Publisher:  Ablex Pub Corp, 1997

  Review 1: Randall McClure

July 1998

Wired Women: Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace
Editor:  Lynn Cherny, Elizabeth Reba Weise
Publisher:  Seal Press, 1996

  Review 1: Janis Butler Holm

June 1998

Internet Culture
Editor:  David Porter
Publisher:  Routledge, 1996

  Review 1: David Silver

May 1998

The African American Resource Guide to the Internet & Online Services
Author:  Stafford L. Battle, Rey O. Harris
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill, 1996

  Review 1: Collectively Reviewed

April 1998

Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut
Author:  David Shenk
Publisher:  HarperEdge, 1997

  Review 1: Will Winton

March 1998

Virtual Culture: Identity and Communication in Cybersociety
Editor:  Steven G. Jones
Publisher:  Sage, 1997

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February 1998

Cyberfutures: Culture and Politics on the Information Superhighway
Editor:  Ziauddin Sardar and Jerome R. Ravetz
Publisher:  New York University Press, 1996

  Review 1: David Silver

January 1998

Link/Age: Composing in the Online Classroom
Author:  Joan Tornow
Publisher:  Utah State University Press, 1997

  Review 1: David Silver

December 1997

Author:  Nan McCarthy
Publisher:  Rainwater Press, 1995/1996

  Review 1: Debra DeRuyver and David Silver

November 1997

The Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence
Author:  Don Tapscott
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill, 1996

  Review 1: Will Winton

October 1997

Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace
Author:  Janet H. Murray
Publisher:  The Free Press, 1997

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September 1997

Cyberspace: The Human Dimension
Author:  David B. Whittle
Publisher:  W. H. Freeman and Co., 1997

  Review 1: David Silver

August 1997

Writers.net: Every Writer's Essential Guide to Online Resources and Opportunities
Author:  Gary Gach
Publisher:  Prima Publishing, 1997

  Review 1: Will Winton
  Author Response:  Gary G. Gach

July 1997

Politics on the Nets: Wiring the Political Process
Author:  Wayne Rash, Jr.
Publisher:  W. H. Freeman and Co., 1997

  Review 1: David Silver

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